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3 Foods That Skyrocket Testosterone Levels

By Christopher Walker

3 Foods That Skyrocket Testosterone Levels

Unsure about what foods you should be eating to increase your testosterone levels naturally?

It’s not your fault.

There’s more misinformation about nutrition and food than ever before… It’s seemingly impossible to truly know what you should and shouldn’t be eating to benefit your health and T-production.

Through my ten years of researching testosterone production and helping thousands of men increase their T-levels naturally, I’ve come across a select few foods that I am 100 percent confident will help with increasing testosterone levels.

The following three foods contain minerals, vitamins and compounds that have been scientifically proven to increase testosterone productions in humans. I recommend them consistently to all my male clients.


1. Raisins:


Raisins are an amazing source of fructose, resveratrol and boron. Simple sugars, like fructose, have been shown to lower SHBG levels, which is great for your testosterone levels. SHBG binds to free testosterone rendering it inactive within the body and does not allow it to bind to your androgen receptors. This binding process is what causes the masculinizing effects of testosterone that every man wants.

Therefore, lowering SHBG levels in your body increases the bioavailability of free-testosterone.

Resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant found in raisins, has been linked to increased testosterone levels and lowered estrogen levels.

Finally, raisins are a high-quality source of boron, which has been linked to increased testosterone in several scientific studies.

Raisins are one of my go-to snacks to help support and increase testosterone production within the body.

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2. Raw Cacao Products:

Raw Cacao

Believe it or not, raw cacao products are nutritionally dense, testosterone-boosting superfoods!

Not only are they chock-full of powerful antioxidants, they also contain gut friendly bacteria and enzymes that aid in digestion. Don’t just take my word for it either… Research has shown that raw cacao consumption leads to increased cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure and lower blood glucose.

But what makes raw cacao a testosterone boosting food? It contains key minerals that are essential to testosterone production. These include, zinc, magnesium, iron and manganese. The fat ratio within raw cacao products is perfect for aiding in testosterone production as well.

So go ahead and eat more chocolate!

Note: Just make sure it’s a raw product, as that is what contains all the aforementioned benefits.

3. Oysters:


Oysters are a true man food. They contain a plethora of vital minerals and vitamins that are critical in the production of testosterone. These include magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper and vitamin D.

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Not to mention, they are also a high-quality source of protein and contain rare amino acids such as D-aspartic acid, which may increase testosterone levels. Incorporate more oysters into your daily diet and enjoy a nice boost in testosterone levels!

The Biggest Problem With These Foods

Incorporating these foods into your diet will definitely help boost your T.

But there’s a couple issues…

  1. You would have to eat obscene amounts of these foods to reach the clinically effective dosages of key minerals and vitamins that have been shown to increase testosterone levels in men… For instance, you would have to eat 300+ grams of raisins to get the recommended testosterone boosting dosage of boron (which is 10mg).
  2. You may not like any of these foods.

I ran into these issues over and over again… I wanted to increase my testosterone levels and optimize my health, but many of the foods that are best for boosting testosterone, I hated. This made it extremely difficult for me to get the recommended dosages of micronutrients and vitamins through my diet alone.

So for the longest time, I bought all the individual micronutrients, vitamins and compounds separately. However, this was extremely expensive and inconvenient.

So I decided to do something about it…

I came up with my own supplement that contains the most bioavailable and natural ingredients (including magnesium, zinc and boron) in the right clinically effective dosages, that have actually been proven to work in humans…


I call it Testro-X

Testro-X is the perfect formulation of nine all-natural ingredients that are 100 percent research-backed and have been proven to work in men. If you’re looking for an all-in-one supplement to improve your testosterone levels, look no further.

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