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Is Magnolia Bark Extract The Key To Stress Elimination?

By Jayton Miller

Is Magnolia Bark Extract The Key To Stress Elimination?

Magnolia bark extract is a nootropic compound that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for its variety of benefits. If you struggle with being uptight, tense, and want something to help take the edge off, magnolia bark extract might be exactly what you need...


Other Names For Magnolia Bark Extract:

  • Saiboku-to
  • Honokiol
  • Magnolol

How Does Magnolia Bark Extract Work?:

Other Names For Magnolia Extract



Magnolia bark extract comes from the magnolia officinalis plant that is a subset of plants from the magnolia family. These plants are categorized by the similar compounds that they each contain, specifically honokiol and magnolol.

These plants are most commonly known to fight oxidative stress in the body. Magnolol has been shown to cause a reduction in intracellular lipids in macrophages above 20mM, which appears to be related to a reduction in adipose differentiation-related protein production but not from a cAMP/PKA pathway.

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Benefits of Magnolia Bark Extract:

Benefits Of Magnolia Bark

Magnolia Bark Extract May Help Support Stress levels

In rats 15-30mg/kg of a mixture of magnolia extract daily for two weeks after being exposed to depressive stress testing, were able to prevent the increase in corticosterone at both doses.

A mixture of Magnolia and Phellodendron Amurens was shown to effectively lower perceived stress and slightly reduce anxiety at a three times daily dose of 250mg. However, it didn’t appear to reduce overall anxiety in healthy women very significantly. The destressing effects of Magnolia appear to be more potent in post menopausal women but the differences in these human studies make comparisons difficult.

In persons who suffer from stress-related eating, the combination was shown to reduce weight gain from stress eating. Similarly to Rhodiola Rosea, this is due less stress eating as these herbs do not directly possess fat burning qualities.

Magnolia Bark Extract May Help Support Good Dental Health

In a study with 120 men who had high concentrations of a bacteria known as salivary mutans streptococci were given Magnolia containing chewing gum in a double blinded manner.

Plaque acidogenicity and bleeding from the gums were significantly reduced in the Magnolia group relative to both Xylitol and control. Showing that magnolia containing gum could be beneficial for the health of the oral microbiome

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How to Use Magnolia Bark Extract:

How To Use Magnolia Extract

Magnolia bark extract is a fat soluble substance. It is suggested to take this supplement with a meal, even in tea form, as it will not absorb well without a fat source to help get it into the system. As far as dosing, it is going to depend on the goal that you have. Generally speaking, 0.2 mg/kg is effective in mice, and doses as low as 5 mg can be effective. If you are trying to boost cognition, 15-30 mg/kg is suggested.


Magnolia Bark Extract seems to have some promising effects for cognition and the attenuation of stress. If you have high stress levels or are looking to boost brain function a bit this supplement could be beneficial for you. If you would like something with a little more research behind it then it is definitely worth checking out UMZU’s all natural stress support supplement Cortigon.