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What Is Selenium Supplementation Good For?

By Tyler Woodward

What Is Selenium Supplementation Good For?

Copper, magnesium, zinc are some of the most well known and powerful minerals in the body, but this his dynamic line up is missing a key player, Selenium


What Is Selenium:

What Is SeleniumSelenium is an essential trace mineral and brings with it a variety of incredible health-optimizing benefits! Selenium is most well known for its antioxidant function, but it has been found to be an essential component in at least 30 proteins known as selenoproteins which exert a variety of functions in the body. 

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Functions Of Selenium:

Functions Of Selenium


Some of Selenium’s top benefits include:

  • Powerful Antioxidant - Protect your body from damaging free radicals. Selenium is an essential part of the glutathione family of antioxidant enzymes. These enzymes are involved in the breakdown of the harmful compound, hydrogen peroxide. It also aids in the breakdown of fat products and the detoxification of heavy metals in the body.
  • Synergistic Duo w/ Vitamin E - Decrease oxidative stress & detoxify the body. Selenium and vitamin E are two potent antioxidants that are both extremely essential in the body. Both selenium and vitamin E are frequently depleted in conditions of excess oxidative stress build up like alcoholism and heavy metal poisoning.
  • Boosts Thyroid Function - Boost metabolism & balance thyroid health. Selenium plays an integral role in the function of thyroid deiodinase enzyme, the enzyme responsible for converting thyroid hormone into its active form, T3. T3 is the most metabolically active form of the thyroid hormone and plays a large role in regulating oxygen consumption and glucose metabolism. Given the essential function of selenium on thyroid hormones,  selenium is most concentrated in the body within the thyroid.
  • Supports Immunity - Fight germs, bugs, and viral pathogens. Though the mechanism of selenium’s role in immunity isn’t completely understood, there are a number of speculated ways in which seleniums plays a key role in immunity. One of the proposed mechanisms is that selenium is necessary to “kill” the reactive-oxidant species that are created in order to fight viral or bacterial pathogens.

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Best Food Sources Of Selenium:

Best Food Sources Of Selenium

The best sources of Selenium in food include:

  • Oysters & Shellfish
  • Brazil Nuts
  • Halibut, Cod & Tuna
  • Shittake Mushrooms
  • Organ Meats
  • Muscle Meats

You can also supplement a high-quality supplement if you can't get enough in your diet. Selenium supplements can be found in single ingredient or specific thyroid formulations.  Remember, when picking a supplement, ensure that the supplement and its source are high-quality. Which is why we recommend Thyrite!


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