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What Is VasoDrive-Ap?

By Jayton Miller

What Is VasoDrive-Ap?

Many supplements originate from natural sources such as ancient plants and herbs that have been used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes since their discovery. Vasodrive is one such supplement that originates from one of the most common proteins found in milk, casein.


What Is Vasodrive?:

What Is Vasodrive


Another name for vasodrive is casein hydrolysate. Caseins are the main protein component found in cow's milk. Casein hydrolysate is a casein derivative which has been hydrolyzed. This means that the protein has been broken down into its constituents, which are amino acids. Casein hydrolysate is easier to digest and absorb because it's broken down more than casein which, in its natural state, has not been hydrolyzed. Vasodrive is a popular dietary supplement that offers a variety of health benefits.

Benefits Of Vasodrive:

Benefits Of Vasodrive

Cardiovascular Health

Vasodrive can support cardiovascular health. Studies show that those who have mild hypertension can experience improved vascular endothelial dysfunction. Hypertension can be a very serious health problem and can be managed to a certain extent with diet. The use of vasodrive can help ward off and alleviate the symptoms of cardiovascular disease.

Treatment for Sarcopenia

Sarcopenia, also known as muscle loss, affects 50 million people around the world. It is most prevalent in the elderly, as muscle loss is a common process in the aging process. Vasodrive can help support healthy muscle maintenance.

Metabolic Enhancement

Avid cyclers can benefit from vasodrive. In fact, one study showed that those who consumed vasodrive experienced enhanced metabolic function during moderate to strenuous cycling without altering performance. Vasodrive has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects, especially in the gastrointestinal tract.

Aids In The Digestion Of Dairy

For children who experience sensitivity to cow's milk, it can be difficult to find a formula they can tolerate. One study, in particular, looked at the safety of feeding children formula with casein hydrolysate. The results revealed that feeding children formula with vasodrive is generally considered safe. For parents who are interested in feeding their babies milk-based formulas, this is a viable alternative.

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How To Use Vasodrive:

How To Use Vasodrive

Vasodrive can be used in a couple of different ways. Because it's derived from dairy, vasodrive can be added to other foods. In fact, studies show that vasodrive is effective as a functional food ingredient. Vasodrive is also an effective oral dietary supplement that is particularly common for those who avidly engage in strength training.

Vasodrive Recommended Daily Allowance:

Vasodrive RDA


Vasodrive is not regulated by the FDA. For this reason, there are not established recommended dosages. It is important when taking any supplement to follow the manufacturer's directions and to consult with your medical provider, who can provide advice based on age, health and current medication regimen. It is critical to ensure that taking vasodrive won't result in reduced medication efficacy or result in a negative interaction.

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Foods That Contain Vasodrive:

Foods With Vasodrive

Vasodrive is most commonly used as a dietary supplement. However, it is proven to be a safe food ingredient. Casein hydrolysate can be found in foods that are milk based. Examples include milk, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese and other dairy foods.


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Vasodrive, otherwise known as casein hydrolysate is a modified version of casein that is easier to absorb and digest by the body. This is particularly beneficial for those who experience milk sensitivities. As a dietary supplement, it offers cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and anti-inflammatory support as well as benefits to those who hit the gym on a regular basis. Supplements, when taken properly are a great way to boost overall performance and enhance quality of life, this is just one of the many supplements that can help support a healthy lifestyle.