The UMZU Core Values

UMZU is home to a one-of-a-kind collaborative team of people who share a passion for helping people achieve optimum health and well-being, so as to improve the quality of their lives. The foundation on which all UMZU employees work, is a set of CORE VALUES that adhere to a specific culture and support our bigger vision. Every team member is committed to upholding these values in their daily work. Everything we do to grow our business must align with our core values, as they are a reflection of our deepest beliefs.

Many companies have nice sounding value statements that such as: Integrity, Communication, Respect, and Excellence. But posting values and reading them every quarter doesn’t mean that they become your operating principles.

Core Values are the things that we actual value; a set of standards that guide our behavior. We express what we value by who is rewarded, promoted, or let go.

1.) We Seek Excellence

Aspects of our company culture:

  • High Performance
  • Freedom & Responsibility
  • Context, not Control
  • Highly Aligned, Loosely Coupled
  • Pay Top of Market
  • Promotions & Development
  • Core Values to Uphold Our Beliefs

2.) Always Practice Marketing In Real Life

Marketing In Real Life is a framework that we base nearly every aspect of our company on, and it all comes down to one question:

Can you do this face-to-face, in real life, and then be able to face yourself in the mirror?

Would you proudly put your family and friends into our marketing funnel and allow them to use our products? Does our company create an ethos of transparency, and doing what's best for the prospect, leaving them in a better place for having interacted with our brand (whether they become a customer or not)?

3.) Demonstrate Great Judgment

  • We make wise, data-driven decisions (people, technical, business, and creative) despite ambiguity.
  • We identify root causes, and get beyond treating symptoms.
  • We think strategically, and can articulate what we are, and are not, trying to do.
  • We smartly separate what must be done well now, and what can be improved later.

4.) Use Precise Communication

  • We listen well, instead of reacting fast, so we can better understand.
  • We are concise and articulate in speech and writing.
  • We treat people with respect independent of their status or disagreement with you.
  • We maintain calm poise in stressful situations.

5.) Show Commitment to Highest Impact

  • We only work on the highest impact opportunity for our role.
  • We accomplish amazing amounts of important work.
  • As individuals, we demonstrate consistently strong performance so our colleagues can rely on us.
  • We focus on great results rather than on the process.
  • We exhibit bias-to-action, and avoid analysis-paralysis.

6.) Exhibit Massive Curiosity

  • We learn rapidly and eagerly.
  • We seek to understand our company strategy, market, customers, and suppliers.
  • We are broadly knowledgeable about business, technology health & fitness.
  • As individuals, we contribute effectively outside of our specialty.

7.) Pursue Simplicity

  • We guard against over-complicating any given part of the TBF business.
  • We make everything as simple as it can be, while remaining effective.

8.) Display Courage

  • We challenge prevailing assumptions when warranted, and suggest better approaches.
  • We say what we think, even if it is controversial.
  • We make tough decisions without agonizing.
  • We take smart risks.
  • We question actions that are inconsistent with our core values.

9.) Embody Passion

  • We inspire others with our thirst for excellence.
  • We care intensely about the success of Kinobody and UMZU.
  • We celebrate wins.
  • We are tenacious.

10.) Model Honesty

  • We are known for candor and directness.
  • We are non-political when we disagree with others.
  • We only say things about fellow employees that we would say to their face.
  • We are quick to admit mistakes.

11.) Always Remain “Others” Focused

  • We seek what is best for the group, rather than best for ourselves.
  • We are ego-less when searching for the best ideas.
  • We make time to help colleagues.
  • We share information openly and proactively.

Our team at UMZU is relatively small in size, but we share a very BIG vision for the future! We set ambitious goals and are not afraid of the hard work needed to achieve our goals. We are adaptive learners and agile thinkers.

Those who are fortunate enough to earn a spot on our team enjoy a rare and unparalleled work experience.