From Operations, Marketing, Advertising, and Design to the Warehouse and Customer Care, Team UMZU is all about helping our customers live a thriving life of abundance and health! Here's just a few of the more than 70 people at UMZU.

Christopher Walker

Christopher is the first person to graduate from Duke University's neuroscience program in just 3 years. Studying a range of topics from endocrinology, to behavioral economics, learning & memory, neurobiology, & AI, Christopher's obsession with human nature and biology helped him to heal his own brain tumor naturally without drugs or surgery.
Disgusted with his negative experiences with the medical establishment, Christopher has spent the past decade creating natural health products and teaching millions of men & women around the world how to use nutrition, strategic supplementation, and physical training to heal their nagging health issues naturally. Your body is a self-healing organism, you just need to allow it to help itself.

Darren Crawford

Darren was born and raised in Port Dalhousie, Ontario (home to Lakeside Park made famous by Rush).

In the late 90s and early 2000s Darren owned a small local bowling center in Middle Tennessee with his family, where he learned the art and science of direct marketing in order to fill the lanes with leagues, casual bowlers and birthday parties. It was also during this time that he learned how to leverage the burgeoning internet to do the same. He was featured in industry magazines for what was then pioneering internet marketing for bowling centers.

The second half of the 2000s was spent in corporate America at Dell where Darren worked with Fortune 1000 companies on their technology needs. This was followed by some Silicon Valley startup in the new Cloud Computing space.

In 2015 the early seed of the idea of UMZU was planted when Darren met his future business partner and co-founder, Christopher Wallker. The business rapidly expanded as the business found its voice and developed a philosophy of researched-backed solutions to help men and women thrive.

Robert Walker

Robert graduated college with a degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering with foci in Data Science and Computer Science. Since then, he's helped grow UMZU through marketing, web development, operations management and data science.

Raised in Virginia, he seeks to take a small-town work ethic to big business by helping grow UMZU supplements into the hands of anyone who needs them.

His hope is that, as UMZU grows in influence, more and more people will understand how powerful nutrition and lifestyle truly can be. He's seen nutrition shrink tumors and waistlines. He's seen lifestyle choices save brains, hearts and even marriages. To Robert, there is no limit to the power of a natural, holistic approach to life and he won't rest until UMZU changes how the public approaches personal health.

Zach Siegel

Zach is the Creative Production Lead here at UMZU. He's been with the UMZU team for the last three years and has done it all on the creative side of things from shooting video ads to creating the labels on our products! He loves working here at UMZU to make a difference and help people change their lives and reach their goals through all of our products!

David Romese

David Romese is the Operations Manager at UMZU. He grew up in Tennessee and moved to Florida in 2015 and where he started working with the UMZU. His background includes warehouse and inventory management. At UMZU, he plans and oversees the company’s daily operations and the production of goods.

Jayton Miller

Jayton is the man of many names, from Research Cowboy to J Milly Rock the possibilities are endless. When he is not doing research and helping to make the best supplements on the planet he enjoys reading, writing, skiing, hiking, camping, and exploring the beautiful world that we live in. He believes that it is his purpose in this life to help people achieve the best possible versions of themselves in all areas of their lives from the physiological being to the psychological and spiritual. He believes that by optimizing the human body we can optimize our ability to perceive the world in a way that allows us to manifest our destiny and take our lives into our own hands, rather than letting life take us in its hands. At UMZU he believes that we are doing just that, and he could not be more grateful to work for a company that has such a similar goal to his.

Brenton Leasure

Brenton Leasure is the motion graphic designer at UMZU. Whether he’s finding ways to animate our mascot, Francis, into a promo video or illustrating a testosterone molecule to be part of our latest educational series, Brenton is passionate about taking complex concepts and breaking them down into moving, bite-size pieces.

Brenton graduated from Grand Valley State University in Michigan with a degree in Film & Video. From there, he put his newfound knowledge to work in the video game industry making promotional videos for pc games such as Heroes of Newerth and Strife, before moving on to mobile games like Free Fire and Steven Universe.

His passion for motion doesn’t stop in After Effects though. In his free time Brenton can be found taking his dogs for a hike in Colorado’s beautiful mountains or employing UMZU’s principles to hit his next PR. His latest obsession has been attempting to bake the perfect loaf of sourdough.

Mat Chapman

Mat Chapman is a Videographer/Editor with UMZU. From piecing together the ThermoDiet Podcast to creating advertising content for UMZU’s supplement line, Mat has a hand in the entire video production process.

After graduating from the University of Northern Iowa with a degree in Electronic Media, Mat worked with local broadcast stations in Cedar Falls, Iowa creating commercials, television shows, and live sports broadcasts for high school and college athletics. Mat eventually transitioned to the fitness industry of video production, moving to Boise, Idaho. Mat worked with brands such as, Optimum Nutrition, Performix, Animal, & more before re-locating to Colorado to work with UMZU.

Mat enjoys helping people achieve their fitness & health goals so working with UMZU is a perfect fit. There’s always an opportunity to learn more within the industry and every day is something new. In his spare time, Mat enjoys lifting weights, hiking, watching football & basketball, and catching the latest movie in theaters.

Katherine Phillips

Katherine is an engineer, runner, hiker, dog lover, and health enthusiast! Katherine works in marketing, advertising, and web development where she combines her love of numbers, people, and sharing the good news of UMZU's amazing products to help grow and develop the UMZU community.

With an autoimmune condition of her own, Katherine embraces UMZU's holistic approach to health and truly appreciates the power of health. Her hope is that through marketing and advertising the UMZU products, she can share the incredible blessing of a healthy, happy, and thriving lifestyle with others!