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Features Of The Lumbar Vertebrae

By Tyler Woodward

Features Of The Lumbar Vertebrae

Having lower back pain is one of the most common areas of pain with 577 million people suffering globally. You don’t have to live with lower back pain. Learning about the lower back aka the lumbar vertebrae is going to allow you to have the knowledge you need to get you back onto its painless path.


Function Of The Lumbar Vertebrae:

Function Of The Lumbar Vertebrae


The Lumbar Vertebrae are a group of five vertebrae (L1-L5) in the lower back. The vertebrae are the largest and strongest vertebrae that are in the spinal column. The reason they are like this is due to their low position in the spinal column. The lower the vertebrae are in the spinal column the more weight that they have to bear.

These vertebrae allow for high amounts of flexion to take place in order for the body to bend over and touch the toes as well as reach sideways. Most of the rotation the human body is capable of producing in the spinal column does not happen here though and instead is in the thoracic level.

Structure Of The Lumbar Vertebrae:

Structure Of the Lumbar Vertebrae


The lumbar vertebrae are similar to the other vertebrae in the spinal column outside of their size and their lack of attachments for ribs. They consist of:

  • A Cylindrical Body (front side)
  • A Vertebral Arch (back side)
  • Lateral Projecting Transverse Processes (two of them)
  • Central Spinous Process
  • Articular Facets (two pairs - one above and one below the vertebrae)

Along with the five vertebrae there are intervertebral discs as well as connecting ligaments that help to support the bones of the spine. They help to act as shock absorbers to keep as much wear and tear from happening to the vertebrae as possible. These ligaments include:

  • Supraspinous Ligament
  • Interspinous Ligament
  • Anterior Longitudinal Ligament
  • Posterior Longitudinal Ligament
  • Ligamentum Flavum
  • Iliolumbar Ligaments

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Common Challenges With The Lumbar Spine:

Common Issues With The Lumbar Vertebrae

Some of the most common challenges that people face with the lumbar spine that can lead to lower back pain are:

  • Lumbar Spinal Stenosis - leads to over compression of the spinal cord
  • Excessive Lumbar Lordosis - simply an excessive anterior pelvic tilt, common in late pregnancy and overweight individuals.

If you have an anterior pelvic tilt you do not have to just deal with it. You have the ability to fix it, although it is going to require learning, consistency, and intentionality.

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Lower back pain takes a toll on nearly every aspect of your life. Learning the anatomy of the lower back, and how you can begin to eliminate back pain naturally will help you live a happier more vibrant life each and every day. 


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