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"The day after I took my first dose I was in the bathroom 8 times. This stuff will clear you out! BUT I never had any stomach pain or discomfort at all. I was consistently going at least 4 or 5 times a day the entire time I was on the supplement which was a little inconvenient given that I'm a teacher but hey I don't care! I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks!"
- Ryan W. - Results may vary by individual  Verified Buyer

Looking for a gut cleanse supplement? Look no further than zuPOO! Our stomach flush formula helps to support waste elimination and promote healthy bowel movements, making it an ideal cleanse for gut health. Due to nutrient-poor modern diets, it's no wonder so many people have experienced feeling bloated and struggling with weight loss.* Trust zuPOO for a colon and gut cleanse, leaving you with a clean gut.†                                     




It's Time For a Flush With zuPOO.



Experience a smoother digestion process when you clear out your digestive tract with zuPOO.†



Supporting waste elimination can help to flush out potential hormonal blockers in your stomach.



A colon cleanse may help you feel lighter and slimmer.†*


Natural Ingredients to
Flush You Out

This powerful blend of vitamins, minerals, herbs and barks has one purpose and one purpose only - to flush waste out of your system.

The average person may be carrying waste generated from their last several meals. What have you eaten lately? How long do you want that in your system? Customers who take zuPOO typically experience a large passing of waste within 12-48 hours. Take zuPOO for a full 7-day cycle to support a full flush of your gut. See all ingredients

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Cascara Sagrada

Cascara Sagrada is a natural gentle laxative. For anyone that suffers from occasional constipation, Cascara sagrada can offer some genuine natural relief. It has also been shown to aid your immune system and promote good probiotic bacteria thriving. †

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how to use
Take 1-2 Capsules

With a full glass of water prior to bedtime. Continue to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Wait 12-48 Hours

You may notice a buildup of gas over the first 12-24 hours. Expect a flushing of waste within 12-48 hours.

Take Consistently for 7 Days, Every 4-6 Weeks

Continue supplementing before bed for a full 7 days for a complete flush of the digestive system. We do not recommend taking zuPOO more frequently than one full cleanse per 4-6 weeks.

frequently asked questions

What does zuPOO do?

ZuPOO is designed to help flush excess waste from the gut and intestines. This allows for a smoother digestion process and healthier gut.

How do I take zuPOO?

We recommend taking 1-2 capsules of zuPOO before bed at least an hour after any other food or supplements. Continue to take zuPOO for a full 7 days for a complete flush of the digestive system. We do not recommend taking zuPOO more frequently than one full cleanse every 4-6 weeks.

Is zuPOO vegan?

The capsule is made from bovine gelatin, so the product overall is not vegan. However, the contents are vegan-friendly.

Is zuPOO dairy-free?

Yes, zuPOO is dairy-free, however, it is processed in the same facility as some dairy-containing products.

Can I take zuPOO with medication?

We always recommend talking to your prescribing physician before using any supplements to ensure that they are safe to take with your medical history.

Do I need to change my diet while taking zuPOO?

You can continue to eat as you normally would while taking zuPOO. We recommend making sure that you are staying adequately hydrated and drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

How long does zuPOO take to see the effects?

Generally, most individuals experience a flushing of waste within 12-48 hours of starting zuPOO. For some individuals it can take a couple of days longer to start to see the effects of zuPOO. Staying hydrated throughout the day will help to make zuPOO more effective.

Are there any ingredient warnings on zuPOO?

Magnesium Warning: High dosages of magnesium from supplements or medications can cause nausea, abdominal cramping and diarrhea.

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