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How Humans Speak

By Jayton Miller

How Humans Speak

Being able to communicate with the outside world is one of the ways that humans are able to form societies, businesses, and relationships. Speaking is one of the most effective ways that humans are able to do this. Let's take a look at exactly how we speak...


General Function Of How We Speak:

General Function Of How We speak

Spoken languages are formed from a myriad of speech sounds known as phonemes. These sounds in most spoken languages are a result of the propulsion of air from the lungs. The main organs of speech are:

  • The Lips
  • The Tongue
  • The Vocal Folds
  • The epiglottis
  • The Soft Palate
  • The Nasal Cavity

As air travels from the lungs via the trachea into the voice box, also known as the larynx. The air then is pushed through the vocal folds that cover the glottis to create vibration, and thus sound. The pitch of the sound is determined by by the tension and position between the vocal folding. This process is called “voicing” and is responsible for a large portion of sounds in speech, but not all.

The expulsion of air and the different shape and spacing of different cavities in the mouth are also responsible for many of the sounds that are made. The wavelength of the sounds are are altered as hey pass through these chambers, this results in different sounds coming from the mouth or nose.

In the english alphabet we have what are known as vowels and consonants. Vowels, as sounds, are produced when air travels freely from the larynx to the outside. These vowel sounds are mostly manipulated by the changing of shape in the chambers as mentioned previously. The chambers are manipulated in shape and size by the tongue, lips, and soft palate. Consonants on the other hand are produced as a result of a barrier forming between the larynx and outside. The obstruction of the air flow is what helps to form the sounds.

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Ways To Optimize How We Speak:

Tips on How To Speak

Speaking properly can be difficult, especially if you aren’t the most extroverted person. 3 easy ways that you can improve your speech are:

  • Posture & Breath - Making sure that you have proper posture when you speak can help you get in enough air when you are speaking resulting in a more powerful voice.
  • Enunciation - Take the time to properly enunciate your words. Slowing down and focusing on enunciation can help improve your ability to be heard effectively.
  • Pace - Slowing down to take time to put together what you want to say can make a massive difference on your ability to speak and not stutter.

Overall, speaking effectively comes down to knowing what you want to say, and actually listening to the person you are talking to. Knowing the anatomy and function of how we speak can help make this easier. For more information on how to effectively communicate and be a social butterfly make sure to check out the youtube channel Charisma On Command.

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