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How Long Does a Liver Detox Take? (and how to do it!)

By Christopher Walker

How Long Does a Liver Detox Take? (and how to do it!)


The dietary suggestions contained in this blog post are based on a Thermogenic lifestyle. Not all dietary suggestions are suitable for each individual. Always consult your healthcare professional before starting any new diet and/or making any changes to your current dietary or supplement routine.


Having a healthy liver is crucial to having a healthy body overall, but how long does it take to detox your liver. This is to be expected; after all, nobody enjoys a prolonged cleansing cycle of any sort. They just want to quickly get it out of the way, so they can return to their daily rhythm. Obviously, everyone’s body is different, and some people have accumulated more toxins than others. For this reason, we can’t give you a definitive number in terms of days when it comes to liver cleanses.

Table of Contents:

How To Detox Your Liver

1. Apple Liver Detox

Apple Liver Detox

This is a powerful liver detox that is especially helpful for removing gallstones in the liver. The malic acid in apples helps break up the gallstones, making it easier for them to be expelled through the bile ducts. Whether you like apples or not, get used to them because you’ll be chomping down on plenty. The apple liver cleanse is a seven-day process.

The detox also includes Epsom salts, which dilate the ducts, creating a bigger opening for waste to pass through. It also includes grapefruit and lemons, which studies show protect the liver from harmful alfa-toxins.

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Eat an organic apple with every meal for five days. Alternatively, you can take a single serving of a malic acid supplement. Some people suggest you can also drink apple juice. However, we personally don’t recommend this because fruit juice lacks the fiber. Most of the antioxidants are also destroyed during manufacturing.
  2. Eat clean meals. This means plenty of fruits, roots, tubers and organic grass-fed meats. Stay away from processed foods.
  3. On day six, eat a light breakfast. Do not eat anything else.
  4. On the same day, prepare a formula of four tablespoons of Epsom salt and three cups filtered water. Store it in the fridge.
  5. Consume the formula at around late afternoon or early evening.
  6. Take it easy for the rest of the day. Day six should be a day when you have minimal commitments.
  7. Before going to bed, consume a mixture of a whole grapefruit, three lemons and a half-cup of olive oil.
  8. On day seven, prepare and consume the same Epsom salt mixture first thing in the morning and again two hours later. Wait at least two hours before eating anything.

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2. Olive Oil and Lemon Flush:

Olive Oil Detox

If you want to do a liver cleanse that doesn’t require an all-day-long commitment, then give this method a try. It only requires consuming a single homemade formula in the morning. Afterward, you can go about the rest of your day like normal.

The method is also very simple with only two ingredients: olive oil and lemons. Drinking large quantities of olive oil causes the bile ducts to open up, allowing for toxins to pass through. As for lemons, studies show that lemon balm protects the liver against non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Step-By-Step Process

  1. In the morning, prepare a recipe of six to eight ounces of freshly squeezed lemon juice and mix with one tablespoon of olive oil. You may substitute lime in place of lemons.
  2. Consume within five minutes before eating breakfast.
  3. Do this every day for seven days straight. Cycle on and off as many times as you like. We suggest a seven-day cycle followed by three to four days off before repeating the process.

Average Detox Length

General Liver Detox Length:

The methods we outlined here involve seven-day liver cleansing cycles. Does this mean your liver will be completely flushed out by the end of the seventh day?

We can’t say for certain. Again, it depends on multiple factors, such as the existing toxin buildup in your liver and other organs. If you’re a heavy smoker, drinker and junk-food eater, then you might need a lengthier or multiple flush cycles. You need to go by how you feel.

Do you feel more energetic, clear-minded and “lighter?” If you notice feeling better, then it’s safe to say your liver has at least gotten rid of some or most of the toxic waste. If you feel nothing, then you might need another cycle or two. Some liver cleanses by the way, last as long as 30 days.

Keep in mind that liver toxicity correlates with other health issues. If your liver is badly in need of a flush, then your overall general health probably isn’t that great.

We wager that you probably also have a lot of internal inflammation. Your digestive health is likely less than optimal, and you need a colon cleanse as well. These conditions don’t reverse themselves in a day and probably not even in a seven-day cycle.

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How Long Does It Take to Detox Your Liver from Alcohol?

Natural Detox

People have also asked how long it takes to cleanse the liver from alcohol. This is a concern for those who love their nightly booze. Alcohol liver disease, after all, affects about one in five heavy drinkers, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

Alcohol greatly increases risk of fatty liver disease. This is why we advocate prevention and limit alcohol intake to the weekends, if at all. However, if you’ve been a heavy drinker for several years, then we don’t need to tell you that your liver is begging for a detox.

A cleanse, though, is not just about drinking some herbal detox tea. You also need to get off the alcohol, or at least slowly wean off of it. When you do that, your body is going to experience withdrawal. You’re going to feel jittery, sleepless, nauseous and headachy. These are signs that your body has become dependent on alcohol.

If dependency is severe, you might even feel withdrawal while still tipsy from your last drink. For mild drinkers, expect withdrawal symptoms to last for about one week. A detox cycle will also last that same length. If you experience severe withdrawal and are unable to complete a detox cycle due to symptom intensity, then we suggest seeking professional help.


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We can’t say for certain whether supplementation speeds up the detox process, but many users have reported more pronounced results compared to a detox alone.

Remember that zuPOO and other detox supplements are just dietary companions. During detox cycles, you still need to refrain from the heavily processed foods that caused toxic buildup in the first place. This also includes alcohol.

There is no supplement that is so effective that it keeps your colon cleansed even while you continue to binge on the booze and dine at greasy spoons.How Long Does It Take to Detox Your Liver? It Depends

General detox cycles last seven days, though that is by no means an ironclad number as we have pointed out. Only you can gauge how effective a detox is based on how you feel. If you’re in decent health, then you should feel a difference within a seven-day timeframe, especially if you use a natural supplement as a secondary aid. However, be prepared for a longer cycle if you know you haven’t been living the healthiest lifestyle.