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The Benefits Of BPC 157 | The Wolverine Molecule

By Tyler Woodward

The Benefits Of BPC 157 | The Wolverine Molecule


  • What Is BPC 157
  • Benefits Of BPC 157
  • How BPC 157 Works
  • How To Supplement With BPC 157 

What Is BPC 157:

What Is BPC 157

BPC 157 is a 15-amino acid peptide compound that is naturally produced in the body within the stomach. BPC stands for body protecting compound that is isolated from the stomach or gastric acid. BPC 157 is technically known as pentadecpeptide BPC 157 and has recently risen in popularity due to a number of potent effects from healing the gastrointestinal lining to wound healing effects. BPC 157 is unique in that it is one of the only peptide compounds that remains intact after digestion and exerts systemic effects throughout the entire body.

Benefits Of BPC 157:

Benefits Of BPC 157

Although BPC 157 lacks substantial human research it’s been shown to have a large number of beneficial effects in rats and in vivo studies along with a large amount of anecdotal evidence in humans.

  • Improves Wound Healing †
  • Improves Sleep Quality †
  • Improves Brain Function †
  • May Have Antidepressant Effects †
  • May Help With Alcohol Or Narcotic Withdrawal †
  • Promotes The Development Of New Blood Vessels †
  • Protects The Liver Against Alcohol Or NSAID Induced Toxicity †

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How BPC 157 Works

How BPC 157 Works

BPC And The Gut -

BPC 157 is a peptide compound that is naturally secreted in the stomach that is believed to play a role in maintaining the mucosal lining. The mucosal lining is responsible for sealing the lining of the stomach preventing degradation from stomach acid. Without the mucosal lining the extremely acidic nature of the stomach would literally tear apart the cells of the stomach which can result in symptoms like heartburn. The mucosal lining is an essential part of maintaining optimal digestion and gut health and must be regenerated multiple times daily to withstand the acid of the gut.

Additionally, the development of gastric ulcers from degradation of the mucosal lining is one of the predominant characteristics identified by Han Selye as the body’s response to stress. Maintaining the mucosal lining likely plays a role in making the body more resilient to stress and helping the body to recover from symptoms like leaky gut or GI disorders like irritable bowel syndrome. 

BPC And The Body -

BPC 157 seems to be able to potently increase recovery and healing in a variety of injuries from burns to tendon, ligament, and bone injuries. This may be in part an effect of the gut-brain connection and through reducing systemic stress and inflammation. Although it seems that BPC 157 also has a direct effect on increasing healing within tendons. The compound also seems to exerting an anti-catabolic effect, preventing the breakdown of tissue, and anabolic effect, increasing the production of new tissues and reducing inflammation. Lastly, it also has an angiogenic effect promoting the formation of new blood vessels which may help to promote additional blood flow to the injured tissue. 

BPC And The Brain - 

On top of being effective for speeding up the recovery of bones and joints, BPC 157 may also help to prevent additional brain damage after an injury due to its neuroprotective effects. BPC has a number of effects within the brain and modulates certain neurotransmitters including GABA, dopamine and serotonin. It has been found to be effective with minimal side effects in combating serotonin syndrome, the production of excess serotonin, in rats helping to reduce the concentration of serotonin in the brain. In rats it's also been shown to help “rejuvenate” the dopaminergic system from the detrimental effects of amphetamine or NSAID abuse. Lastly, BPC seems to be gabaminergic increasing the production of the inhibitory transmitter GABA.

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How To Supplement With BPC 157 Supplement:

Supplementing With BPC 157

Being that there has been very little human research performed on humans there is no agreed upon consensus on effective dosing. For oral consumption of BPC 157 an estimate of 1.6 microgram per kilogram body weight may be an appropriate dosing based off of rat studies, but again this is yet to be shown in humans. Many people also inject and in rat studies directly inject BPC 157 into the target tissue, but I’d recommend sticking to oral consumption unless you are consulting with a medical professional. Last, but certainly not least, it's extremely important to get a high-quality BPC 157 that is guaranteed to be pure and contain very trace amounts of any impurities.

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