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The Benefits Of Citicoline

By Tyler Woodward

The Benefits Of Citicoline

In this article, we are going to be going over what citicoline is, the benefits of citicoline, how to use citicoline, how to find a good citicoline supplement and some of the potential downsides of taking a citicoline supplement. Let's dive in…


What Is Citicoline?:



Citicoline is a natural nootropic supplement that can be found in our bodies as well as in various foods such as eggs and liver (the form of choline in these foods is not solidified but they are good sources of choline in general). 

It's sometimes referred to by its full name, CDP-choline because it has cytidine diphosphate choline attached to an organic molecule called uridine diphosphate (UDP). 

When citicoline is ingested, it can be broken down into choline and cytidine. Cytidine is then further metabolized into uridine. Uridine is a nucleotide base that seems to have some potential benefits for cognition (although the research here is scarce). Most of the studies that have been done on this particular type of choline for its purported benefits for enhancing cognition have been done only on mice and healthy adults, and still need some human clinical trials to be sufficiently recommended to youth.

Benefits Of Citicoline:

Benefits Of Citicoline

The benefits seen from taking this nootropic include:

  • Increases in memory 
  • Increases in attention
  • Increases in focus
  • Decreases in symptoms of depression

 It has been experimentally proven to increase noradrenaline and dopamine neurotransmitters (which are also involved in cognition) although it's not known exactly how this happens at the molecular level yet.

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How To Use Citicoline:

How To Use Citicocoline

Doses of 500-2000 mg are usually recommended for citicoline supplementation in humans with most studies having used the lower end of that range or even less (100mg/kg bodyweight).

It is usually recommended to take 2 doses throughout the day in 8-12 hour intervals, but taking the supplement all at once has not been shown to have any negative effects.

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Reasons Not To Supplement With Citicoline

when not to use citicoline

Most studies that have been done on citicoline show that it is rather safe, however, at higher doses citicoline has been shown to contribute to anxiety (by hindering the GABA system in the brain) as well as an upset stomach. If you tend to have anxiety related issues or a very sensitive digestive system then this might not be the supplement for you. 

How To Find A Good Citicoline Supplement:

tips to find good citicoline

Many of the following tips can be used in the search for good supplements in general, so feel free to think about these things when buying any supplement. 

Fillers And Additives

Making sure that your alpha god supplement is free of unnecessary fillers and additives is crucial. Things like titanium dioxide, carrageenan, potassium sorbate, and artificial colors/flavors are completely unnecessary and can be easily avoided in the manufacturing process for supplements. Make sure when looking at potential supplements to avoid these ingredients as they can have negative impacts on your health, especially as they build up in your system over time. 

Third Party Testing

Third party testing is something that is not used enough in the supplement industry. Third party testing is a process that allows an unbiased company to come into the supplements facility and have their supplements tested for purity and quality making third party tested supplements a head above the rest in the industry. 


cGMP, also known as current good manufacturing practice, are regulations that are enforced by the FDA. This system is used to ensure the proper design, monitoring, and control of the manufacturing processes and facilities. If a supplement company is not cGMP certified then you should NOT buy their products, period. 

Outside of these general recommendations, alpha gpc supplements are usually most effective in the 1200 milligram range (split into 3 doses throughout the day). Finding a supplement in the 300-600 mg range will allow for this dosing to be easy, which in turn will help you be consistent with it. 

If you are looking to enhance cognition, citicoline may be something worth experimenting with. Citicoline is a supplement that helps boost your brain’s performance and can help with memory retention, focus, concentration and decision-making skills. It also has many other benefits like improving mood and reducing ADHD symptoms (more studies needed). But before taking any supplements or drugs for cognitive enhancement it's important to research them thoroughly first because there could potentially be some side effects or downsides associated with citicoline use. This is especially important if you are taking any medications as you need to ensure to consult with your doctor before taking any supplements. 


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