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The Benefits of Testro-X | Does Testro-X Work?

By Christopher Walker

The Benefits of Testro-X | Does Testro-X Work?

Have you noticed a dip in your energy levels recently?

Unfortunately, once you turn 30, your testosterone levels drop by an average of about 1 percent per year. When testosterone levels drop, it affects everything from your ability to build muscle to your mood, energy and even sexual desire.

Don't you wish there was a supplement you could take that would stop the aging process? We wish there was, too!


Although there's no magic elixir to make you live forever, you can slow down the clock by eating a nutritious diet, getting adequate sleep, minimizing stress and supporting your body with supplements like Testro-X that fill the gaps in your diet.

We've packed nine research-backed ingredients in Testro-X that can help support your testosterone levels and slow down your natural testosterone decline.

We're going to break down each of the potential health benefits of Testro-X so you can see how it will improve your lifestyle.

Keep reading to find out what sets Testro-X apart from other testosterone boosting supplements and why it's a must-have for anybody serious about their hormonal health.

What Is Testro-X?

Testro-X is a blend of nine ingredients that can support your overall testosterone levels. We did our homework when creating this supplement, only including ingredients with human research to support them.

There are a ton of testosterone boosting supplements on the market that have fluff ingredients that don't actually improve your testosterone production. These supplements may also use research-backed ingredients that we've included in our blend, like ashwagandha or boron... but only at a fraction of the effective dose.

Testro-X All Natural Testosterone Booster

When designing Testro-X, we wanted to make sure we were creating the highest quality testosterone boosting supplement on the market. We based our formula on over 52 human studies proving the effectiveness of these ingredients; we're confident that these ingredients can improve your health.

Here's what we've included in our formula (per a daily dose of three capsules) to help you increase testosterone:

Testro-X Ingredients

Health Benefits of Testro-X

Testro-X supports your body's natural testosterone production. Because you're not injecting synthetic testosterone like you do when you take testosterone replacement therapies, you don't have to worry about developing side effects. What can Testro-X do for you? Check out these benefits.

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Testro-X Benefit #1: Increased Muscle Mass

Your muscles contain receptors for testosterone. When you increase your testosterone levels with Testro-X, more testosterone binds to these receptors and your muscles grow. The opposite happens when you have low testosterone: You have less testosterone binding to these receptors to signal for muscle growth, meaning less muscle growth. Of course, you'll need to hit the gym as well if you want to maximize the anabolic effect of Testro-X.

Testro-X Benefit #2: Improved Mental Health

Just like your muscles, certain parts of your brain also have testosterone receptors. When your testosterone levels are low, many people become irritable and depressed. Taking Testro-X can improve the amount of testosterone binding to these receptors and improve your mood.

Testro-X Benefit #3: Increased Energy

A common benefit that many people notice after taking Testro-X is that they have more energy. This increase in energy happens because an increased amount of testosterone circulating throughout your body puts you in an anabolic state. In an anabolic state, you're building muscle. You're building your body back up. With this comes an increase in oxygenated blood rushing to different parts of the body; ergo, more energy for your day.

Testro-X Benefit #4: Decreased Body Fat

When you boost your testosterone levels with Testro-X, you can also lose fat along with gaining muscle. Testro-X accomplishes this in two ways: First, because you gain more muscle mass, your metabolism rises so that your body burns more calories, even at rest. Second, the herbs ashwagandha and forskohlii root reduce stress in your body, which lowers your hormone cortisol (which naturally lowers testosterone levels). When you decrease cortisol, your body no longer wants to hold on to excess body fat for future use. Reducing your stress -- another benefit -- leads to a drop in body fat mass.

Testro-X Benefit #5: Improved Sex Drive

As you get older, you may notice your sex drive isn't as high as it was when you were younger. A big reason for this is because your testosterone levels decline with age. Taking Testro-X can help your sex life by giving you the same desire you had in your twenties. Low testosterone is also linked to erectile dysfunction, so you may even notice some physical changes from taking Testro-X.

testro-x by umzu

Who Benefits the Most With Testro-X?

The older you get, the more your testosterone levels decline. If you're over fifty, your testosterone levels are probably significantly lower than they were thirty years ago. You may notice a bigger benefit from taking Testro-X than somebody in their 30s. However, we're not saying that younger people can't benefit from this supplement. Testosterone is a critical hormone for recovering from exercise, so if you're athletic, you may notice that you feel better after adding Testro-X to your supplement stack.

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What Customers Say About Testro-X

Our customers are loving Testro-X! Here are some of the reasons why:

How to Use Testro-X

We recommend that you take Testro-X in the evenings. One of the key ingredients, ashwagandha, decreases stress and helps you relax, so you may notice that taking Testro-X increases your sleep quality. Each container of Testro-X contains 90 capsules. We recommend that you take three capsules per day, Monday to Friday, and then take two days off on the weekend. Taking weekends off allows your body to reset its natural testosterone production.

Does Testro-X Actually Work?

Every ingredient in Testro-X has human research to back it as a testosterone booster. We're so confident that taking Testro-X will make you feel better that we're offering it with a 100 percent money-back guarantee. If you aren't satisfied for whatever reason, we'll refund you your entire order, no questions asked.

How Long Does Testro-X Take to Work?

We recommend trying it for about two months before deciding if it's for you or not. Sometimes it takes a little bit of time to see the results of a single factor, so give Testro-X the time to show you terrific benefits.

How to Buy Testro-X

You can buy Testro-X directly from the UMZU website. Right now, it's priced at $54.95 per bottle (90 capsules) from both our website and Amazon. However, it gets cheaper on subscription! Don't Worry if you decide you no longer want to take Trestro-X (which is unlikely) you can cancel your subscription and get a full refund within 60 days of ordering. We highly recommend that you buy Testro-X directly from us to avoid potential scams from third-party sellers. We're able to sell you Testro-X for the lowest price so when you buy from somebody else, they have to mark up the price. Buy Testro-X today to regain your energy and build muscle like you did when you were 25!