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DAILY MAGNESIUM by UMZU is an unmatched magnesium formula containing 3 of the most bioavailable forms of magnesium: Aquamin® (from seawater), Magnesium Bisglycinate Chelate (Albion®), and Magnesium Gluconate.

With this combination of highly bioavailable magnesium, you can ensure your body is getting the nutrient delivery it needs.


Did You Know That Magnesium Is Involved In Over 600 Reactions In Your Body?


Energy Support

Proper magnesium levels are required for your body to maintain a healthy metabolism. Support exercise performance and energy levels with Magnesium. Use Daily Magnesium to support sustained all-day energy and exercise performance.†


Maximum Absorption

The 3 powerful forms of magnesium inside every serving of Daily Magnesium are the most highly bioavailable types of magnesium, ensuring that your gut absorbs as much of this incredible nutrient as possible every day.†


Sleep Support

Magnesium is an essential nutrient for proper sleep cycles and hormonal production while sleeping. Support quality sleep by supplementing with Daily Magnesium.†


3 Bioavailable Forms Of Magnesium In Every Serving

Why settle for an average magnesium supplement? There are magnesium supplements on the market today that contain magnesium oxide which is the least bioavailable form of magnesium, but each serving of UMZU's Daily Magnesium contains 3 highly bioavailable forms of the powerful nutrient! See all ingredients

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Magnesium Gluconate

Magnesium gluconate is a highly bioavailable form of magnesium composed of magnesium and gluconic acid. It is easily absorbed into the blood stream where it can go to work helping your body with vital enzymatic functions quickly.

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how to use
For Men: Take 4 capsules with a meal daily

For Women: Take 3 capsules with a meal daily

To help maintain healthy levels of this important nutrient, we suggest that Daily Magnesium be taken consistently. We also recommend using at-home test kits to monitor and ensure your blood magnesium levels stay within the normal range.

frequently asked questions

What does Daily Magnesium do?

Many individuals do not get the amount of magnesium they should be getting in their diets, even though magnesium controls 300 bodily processes and is involved in over 600 reactions that take place in our body. Magnesium supports metabolic and nervous system health while also providing energy support, help with sleep and relaxation, as well as stress relief.

How do I take Daily Magnesium?

Men can take 4 capsules daily and women can take 3 capsules daily. We recommend taking Daily Magnesium with a meal.

Is Daily Magnesium vegan?

The capsule is made from bovine gelatin, so the product overall is not vegan. However, the contents are vegan-friendly.

Is Daily Magnesium dairy-free?

Yes, Daily Magnesium is dairy-free, however, it is processed in the same facility as some dairy-containing products.

Can I take Daily Magnesium with medication?

We always recommend talking to your prescribing physician before using any supplements to ensure that they are safe to take with your medical history.

Can I take Daily Magnesium on an empty stomach?

We have many customers take this product on an empty stomach with no issues, but we generally recommend taking it with food and water.

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