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Why Should You Take zuPOO?

By Jayton Miller

Why Should You Take zuPOO?

Did you know that the average adult has 5-20 pounds of compacted fecal matter (POOP) in their body at any given moment?

Crazy, right?

All that poop, just sitting there, rotting away inside their intestines and colon! Is it any wonder that colon cancer is on the rise with all this waste just sitting inside the body?

As this toxic waste builds up, your body becomes a walking vessel of fecal toxicity. Once this happens, you begin to experience excess fatigue, weight gain, digestive issues, skin conditions, brain fog, focus/attention issues, and mood swings … and that’s just the beginning!


Why Should You Take zuPOO?:

why you should take zupoo

Over 170 health issues have been linked directly to an unhealthy gut!

Health concerns like:

  • Mood Swings
  • Inflammation
  • Memory Loss
  • Increased Aging
  • And much, much more!

Do you struggle with any of those issues? If you do 


It may be a bit embarrassing to talk about your POOP, but it has a HUGE impact on your health and is something you MUST understand if you want to look and feel your best!

It may come as a shock, but your digestive system impacts the health of your entire body, and understanding the health of your digestive system begins with understanding your POOP!

If you are not producing well-formed stools after each meal, then you are most likely suffering from a toxic build-up inside your digestive system that is secretly causing all of your health concerns.

New research suggests that most people have up to eight undigested meals in their gut at any given time! This undigested food is putting a huge strain on your digestive system, immune system, and your overall health and well-being!

The quality of “modern food” has deteriorated with the invention of unnatural, hard to digest, heavily processed foods. These foods are loaded with artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners, and GMOs. We are unknowingly putting a MASSIVE strain on our digestive system that is leading up to an epidemic of illnesses!

As we consume more and more unnatural, manufactured highly processed, also known as "JUNK FOOD", we begin overloading our bodies with toxins that destroy the fragile ecosystem of bacteria in our gut!

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Top 10 Shocking Fast-Food Statistics

  1. 50 million Americans eat Fast-food on a daily basis
  2. American consumers on average drink more than 54 gallons of carbonated soft drinks each year. This makes carbonated soft drinks the most popular beverage in the U.S., almost 3X as popular than bottled water, milk, or coffee.
  3. McDonald’s sells on average 75 hamburgers every second.
  4. 44% percent of people report eating out at least once per week.
  5. On any given day, 34% of children between ages 2 and 19 consume fast-food.
  6. McDonald’s has more locations (35,000) than the combined total of Burger King (14,000), Wendy’s (6,500), Taco Bell (6,200), and Arby’s (3,400) combined.
  7. The average American spends about $1,200 on fast-food annually.
  8. Children consume an estimated 12% of their calories from fast-food.
  9. 20% of all American meals are eaten in the car.
  10. More than half of the money Ohio residents spend eating out goes to fast-food restaurants.

Our digestive system is a highly complex, delicate ecosystem of over 100 trillion bacteria living inside our small and large intestines, and they control every aspect of our digestive process! We have good, beneficial bacteria (probiotics) and bad, harmful bacteria (yeasts and fungi). Balance is key!

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Happy Gut = Healthy, Happy Life:

learn how to balance your gut

When your gut is balanced, your body is healthy. When it is not, your digestive system becomes impaired, and your health slowly deteriorates because your digestive system is responsible for:

1. Vitamin & Mineral Absorption

Your body NEEDS your gut to be healthy in order to properly digest and absorb the micronutrients from the food that you eat.

Have you heard the phrase, “overfed and undernourished?”

This is extremely common today as people overeat nutrient void, junk food, and due to their compromised digestive system they aren't even able to even absorb any of the nutrients in the food. It’s a vicious cycle that leads to decay, disease, and premature death.

2. Boost Your Immune System

The gut is the seat of the immune system. Not many people know this, but your gut health directly impacts how often and how easily you get sick.

Research suggests that 70–80 percent of your immune system is located in your digestive system! In addition to digestion and absorption of necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, our gut is responsible for fighting diseases, infections, and illnesses.

If your digestive system is burdened with toxic waste and undigested meals, it greatly reduces your body’s ability to fight infection and illness! If you find yourself getting sick more than normal this is a tell-tale sign that your digestive system and immune system and need help! You need to eliminate toxins and re-balance your gut immediately!

3. Boost Your Metabolism

Do you suffer from a slow metabolism?

Are you gaining more weight than usual?

Can’t seem to get your weight under control?

Are you always struggling to lose weight?

Believe it or not, this is ALL your gut’s fault. Your metabolism is regulated by your digestive system. Multiple studies have shown that the bacteria living in your digestive system have a direct impact on weight management and metabolism. If you’re gaining more weight than normal or struggle to lose weight, you need to cleanse the toxic build-up in your body and heal your digestive system.  Starting with good probiotic bacteria like those in Floracil50.

Interestingly, multiple studies show a direct link between an unhealthy gut and mental health including conditions like: mood swings, anxiety, depression, and unhappiness! Research also shows that an imbalanced gut causes us to be less motivated, more stressed and anxious and may even cause us to feel depressed!

This is not opinion — a mountain of scientific research proves it!

Toxic waste contributing to an unbalanced gut has a direct impact on our bodies health. And this is something that dieting and exercising alone cannot fix!

The American Nutrition Association estimates 70,000,000 men, women, and children (yes, even children) suffer from digestive issues every single day! Many doctors and researchers believe it’s actually closer to 100,000,000 people!

I'll repeat that again, ONE HUNDRED MILLION!

The bottom line is this: When you have a toxic build-up of waste and bad bacteria in your gut, your digestive system becomes compromised, leading to dozens of serious health concerns!

If you suffer from digestive issues, weight gain, gas, bloating, indigestion, skin issues, fatigue, or a slew of other health issues, your gut may be slowly and silently hurting you!

At this very moment, you may have pounds of poop trapped in your digestive system… destroying your health.

Doctors now believe that restoring the integrity of the digestive system is one of the most important goals within medicine in the next 10 years … and for good reason!

In fact, doctors from the Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical School, Yale, AND M.I.T. all say …

“Death Begins In The Colon.”

Doctors and researchers alike now believe if you have even mild digestive problems you most likely have a SERIOUS health problem brewing in your body.

Harvard Medical Journal recently stated that:
“Since the mid-1990s, clinical studies have established that probiotic therapy can help treat several gastrointestinal illnesses, delay the development of allergies in children, and treat and prevent vaginal and urinary infections in women.”


They are simply too great to remain unseen, and you need to stop kidding yourself once and for all. If you struggle with fatigue, weight gain, digestive issues, or any of the other issues mentioned above, you need to take proactive steps to eliminate these harmful toxins from your body and rebalance your gut!

Your digestive system holds the key to unlocking the long-lasting health, energy, and vitality you deserve – and the only way to get there is by healing your gut first!

URGENT: Do NOT Take Laxatives Till You Read This!

The Benefits of zuPOO:

benefits of zupoo

zuPOO is all about stimulating your body's digestive system naturally to allow for toxic waste to be removed from the system.

As mentioned earlier the average American carries pounds of poop in their intestines. Gross! 

zuPOO flushes out of all the waste buildup that has accumulated inside of your gut for years. No wonder so many people have extended, bloated stomachs and they feel like they can’t lose weight.

zuPOO supports waste elimination and a clean, healthy gut.

Some of the benefits you can expect with zuPOO are:

  • Improved Digestion - By helping your body to pass waste, zuPOO helps your digestive system get back on track by giving it a restart button.
  • Less Bloating - By getting rid of toxic waste the digestive system tends to create less gas resulting in less bloating.
  • Flattened Stomach - When you have up to 20 pounds of poop in your colon, your tummy is bound to stick out a bit. By getting it out and cleansing your digestive system you can allow your stomach to relax and flatten out.

These are just a few of the incredible benefits that have been studied with the amazing research-backed ingredients in zuPOO. Not only is zuPOO research backed, but also contains the exact researched backed dosages necessary to provide benefits all in one easy to use formula.

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How To Maximize Results While Taking zuPOO:

how to maximize results with zupoo

zuPOO is an extremely potent product and works for most people without issue, however, there are some things that you can do to make zuPOO work even better for you!

  • Combine zuPOO With The Thermo Diet - Without a good diet, supplements can only do so much good. By supporting your body properly with the right fuel then the supplements you use will work wonders.
  • Drink Plenty Of Water - Making sure to get in enough water with zuPOO is crucial to ensure you do not have dry poop that will get stuck.
  • Be Consistent - Many people don't see results because they are simply not consistent with taking the supplement. The more consistent you are, the better your results will be!
  • Exercise - Exercise is crucial for a healthy body, and is a key component for having a healthy digestive system. Resistance training and walking specifically have been shown in research to be the most beneficial in the long term for an optimal functioning body. At the minimum I recommend trying to walk 10,000 steps daily if you are not exercising.
  • Get Enough Sleep - Sleep is crucial for the body to be able to heal and function at its best. Be sure to get 7-9 hours a night to allow for your body to be fully rejuvenated. 
  • Stack zuPOO With Floracil50 - After cleaning out the gut with zuPOO, making sure to replenish the gut microbiome with good bacteria is going to allow for even better digestion to follow.
  • Take The Gut Health Optimization Course- Our health experts show you exactly what you need to do to increase the health of your gut and optimize your digestion! This course can only be found inside UMZUfit, UMZU's educational platform with all things health and wellness related. If you want to check it out you can find it inside of UMZUfit here.


Frequently Asked Questions About zuPOO:

questions about zupoo

ZuPOO Recommended Daily Dose

Our Suggested Use instructions call for 2 capsules per day after dinner.  

This works very well for the vast majority of our customers. However, if you have any concerns with this then taking 1 capsule daily will still be effective for getting things moving. Everybody is different, so sometimes what works for most people may not work as well for you. This is why at UMZU we have a 60-day Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee, so if zuPOO doesn't work for you just contact us at help@umzu.com and we'll refund the cost of purchase, no questions asked!

Who Benefits The Most From zuPOO?

We feel confident that anybody can benefit from taking a colon cleansing supplement like zuPOO. However, there are certain groups of people who may particularly benefit from taking it.

People who struggle to have regular bowel movements can see very good results with zuPOO. Helping the body to get rid itself of harmful substances in your gut this product, in particular, can be of extreme benefit to you.

It’s never too early to take your digestive health seriously. If you have trouble with having a bowel movement on a daily basis or symptoms of constipation, you may be able to control the symptoms by taking zuPOO. Even if you haven’t experienced symptoms yet, you can use zuPOO to prevent any digestive issues from developing.

Pre-Existing Health Conditions:

If you have a pre-existing medical condition or are currently taking a prescription drug, we strongly recommend that you consult your prescribing medical professional before introducing a new supplement. We cannot tell you how a drug or medical condition will interact with the supplement, so it’s important to consult with your physician to make sure everything will work well together to support your health.

Another thing to consider is your overall sensitivity to foods and supplements, as well as your body weight. If you know you’re quite sensitive or you are petite, start out slowly with a lower dose and work up to our recommended serving size. Pay attention to how you feel and dial the dose back back if you find that it's too. much. Know that efficacy is proven at the recommended serving size, but again, that’s a general rule and you may still be able to experience the benefits with a lower dose!

Digestive Issues:

All the ingredients in zuPOO are integral to the formula but occasionally cause digestive upset.  Make sure to take zuPOO with a meal and if you have any pre-existing digestive issues consult with your doctor before using.

How Does UMZU’s Money-Back Guarantee Work?

We take full responsibility for your purchase if you aren’t satisfied for whatever reason. If you want to return zuPOO, we’ll give you your money back hassle-free within 60 days. You can return up to one open bottle of zuPOO. If you bought more than one bottle, the other bottles need to be unopened to be returned.

You can visit our faqs page for more information on our returns or contact us at help@umzu.com.


We hope you found these tips helpful for getting the most out of your zuPOO supplement! Please let us know how zuPOO worked for you by leaving us a review here!